Force Construction Company is a more than 75-year-old, employee-owned construction and design business focused on commercial and civil projects.

It’s not just a slogan

Since 1946, Force Construction Company, Inc. has been guided by a commitment of providing clients with the highest quality construction services. Our strength has come not from claims, but from capabilities with innovation and substance.

For us “Nobody Builds Better” is not a slogan.  It’s a guiding principle that we strive for every day.

Leading the way

Over 75 years, Force has expanded from a local construction company in Columbus, Indiana, to a regional construction firm with a multi-state presence.

Our organization was an early adopter of the design-build project delivery model, having founded Force Design, Inc. in 1977, and was one of the first design-build firms in the state.

We have grown along with our loyal clients and maintain a sustainable line of business with repeat clientele.

Proud of our history

Our history spans back more than 75 years to when Don Force started the construction company now known as Force Construction, Inc.

Those decades of experience have made us stronger.  They’ve also allowed us to be a part of a number of amazing projects including the building of schools, industrial complexes, office buildings, large civil projects including interstates and bridges, and even a lake.

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Strength matters

Force Construction has a long history of financial strength and stability, with annual revenues approaching or in excess of $100 million and single project bonding capacity in excess of $200 million.

As a 100% employee-owned company we get to make decisions based not on what’s best for investment bankers, but what’s best for our company, our clients, our communities, and our legacy.

Building better builders

We believe our employees are the top professionals in the industry and we strive to create an environment where they can grow in their careers and professional development.

We attribute our strength as a company to the rich resource of experienced personnel who understand the needs and priorities of quality construction.

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Giving back

At Force, we have a long history of giving back to our communities.  In 1963, even before the current Force Construction was formed Don Force sent his crews to help clear the wreckage of a derailed train near Garden City.

That tradition continues today and our employee-owners guide our efforts in not only time but also money to worthy causes in our communities.